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Mexické obklady

Mirta-Set of Mexican tiles with a border

Mexické obklady
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  • Cena: €76,-

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  • Dimensions: 10 cm x 10 cm
  • Original Talavera Tiles From Mexico
  • Quantity: 30 tiles in the box
  • Patterns: 3 patterns (1 border and 2 fill)
  • Scratch and abrasion resistant pattern
  • Mineral, lead-free paints.
  • Application: walls (sometimes used for floors).
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Product details

This patchwork set was carefully composed by our team. We put a lot of time, picked tiles from hundreds of tile designs, to create a Mexican Patchwork that is consistent in style and colour and yet it's still a patchwork of different tiles. 

Mexican patchworks are perfect for, for example, walls for the kitchen, mirror frames, colorful coffee table tops, 
or for the bathroom (also for the shower!).
Mirta set with a border is a ready proposal for a kitchen wall above the counter.

You really can't get bored with those tiles, because you discover them, tile after tile, for a long time.

 Thanks to mineral paints, the blue Mexican Patchwork are abrasion-resistant and even with deeper scratches the pattern is still visible because the colours are incorporated in the glazing. Each tile is first covered with an undercoat paint and then each colour is laid separately according to the design. After burning, the tiles obtain their final colours as well as high resistance.

Hand painted Talavera type tiles are made in a traditional technique in a place called Dolores Hidalgo in the region of Guanajuato in Mexico. The tiles of Talavera type also known as Majolica, or simply Azulejos from Spanish, are extremely popular not only in Mexico, but in the whole world, thanks to their unusual character, design and warm colours of the South. Painting the tiles by hand as well as the essence of the technique itself make individual colours differ in shade ( for instance yellow may have a tone of a light shade or come up to almost orange), the rims are not always of an ideal shape, thanks to which they acquire rustic character and originality. Each tile is unique.

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